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The Lighthouse Montessori School-Apparatus and activities

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The Lighthouse Montessori School-Apparatus and activities

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Who We Are

TLMS is a passionate effort of Ms. Monal who envisioned to start an authentic Montessori School to promote Montessori Principles and Techniques among children in India and hence it’s not just a preschool but also a place for children to learn and become a civilized citizen of the world.

TLMS’s first school was set up at Ahmedabad in 2020 with complete Montessori Apparatus and a beautiful & peaceful environment for children of age groups 2.5 years to 6 years.

The classroom settings, apparatus and the methodology are all based on genuine Montessori principles.

What We Offer

Our aim is to offer a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment based on Montessori method of education. We strive to offer a nurturing environment where children enhance their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills and thus create children of the world who will contribute towards a peaceful and progressive society.

Welcome to The Lighthouse Montessori School

Maria Montessori

Give your child the advantage of Montessori education with The Lighthouse Montessori School TLMS is a new venture set up in 2020 in order to impart genuine Montessori based education to the children of age groups 2.5 years to 6 years. The classroom settings, apparatus and the methodology are all based on Montessori principles. This provides the ideal setting for children to learn and develop their skills in a physically and emotionally safe environment through concepts based on Maria Montessori teachings.

The Directress

Ms. Monal has rich experience in teaching pre-school children since 2006 both in India and abroad. Impressed by the Montessori Philosophy, she completed her International Diploma in Montessori Education London in 2016. Currently she is pursuing Early Childhood Diploma in Montessori Education from North American Montessori Centre Vancouver, CANADA. She has extensive exposure to Montessori Teaching at various renowned preschools in Moscow, Russia.

She envisioned to start an authentic Montessori School to promote Montessori Principles and Techniques among children in India. Ahmedabad being her hometown she worked towards setting up a beautiful school with a complete Montessori apparatus and environment under the name of “The Lighthouse Montessori School” which is the culmination of her passionate efforts.

Her passion for imbibing quality education in children is evident through the way she displays her teaching abilities which creates a special bond with children.

The Directress of The Lighthouse Montessori School - Ms. Monal Kasturi Mohan

Ms. Monal Kasturi Mohan


What Parents , Trainees , Visitors Says About Us

The Lighthouse Montessori School - Testimonials
I stayed in India for 4 months and wanted to continue montessori education for my son so that continuity in teaching style was maintained. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I FOUND THAT IS A TRUE MONTESSORI. Miss Monal is an extremely humble and genuine person. If you want to give your child a true montessori environment , this school is your best bet in Ahmedabad.
Pooja Mistry Mother of Viom(5 Years)
The Lighthouse Montessori School is a truly exceptional educational institution that offers an unparalleled learning experience for children. From the moment you step through the door, you are greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is both inviting and comforting. The teachers are truly remarkable educators who are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing the best possible education for their students. Their commitment to the Montessori philosophy is evident in every aspect of their teaching, from their approach to classroom management to the carefully curated materials that they use to engage and inspire their students. I cannot recommend The Lighthouse Montessori School highly enough. The combination of exceptional teachers, personalized learning, and a nurturing and stimulating environment make it an outstanding choice for parents seeking the best possible education for their children.
Khushboo Khatreja Mother of Aavir(2 Years)
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all you did this past year. This school is an incredible gem.I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have found it and for the investments you have made in Hudson.You gave him something this year that I didn't have the capacity to give him in the transition to India. All of my family in america knows how special this school is and how much Hudson loves it. Thank you for everything!
Lighthouse Staff - Thank you for everything! Thank you for loving my little ball of energy. Thank you for teaching him, playing with him and being patient with him. When I ask Hudson who his friends are at the school, he says your names first! we are deeply grateful.
Shannon Ito Mother of Hudson(3 Years 3 Months)
Very sensitive, rooted and experienced team at Lighthouse Montessori headed by Monal Kasturi. Taking this opportunity to thank the entire team at TLMS for taking such great care of our kids & their learning behaviours.Ved has been enrolled with the Montessori for more than an year and I’ve personally seen a tremendous change in him for the last few months; I find him more sensitive towards others’ needs, more understanding and caring , happier and clear in his mind (about his likes and dislikes) and most importantly- his ability to express has grown manifold. He enjoys learning new things and his curiosity towards learning is very beautifully watered & nurtured by his teachers. None of this would have been possible without your time, hard work, skills and patience. Thank you & your team and am very very grateful for this love & effort from your end.
Chandni Patel Mother of Ved(4 Years 6 Months)
School and teachers and other staff members are so good , cooperative.! School developed my daughter good manners, good habits and good behavior too.Thank you for the hardwork.!
Dr. Reema Mehta Mother of Pranshi(4 Years 6 Months)
No words can thank you all for the wonderful teachers that you all are. He (and I) have learnt so much from you all. Vivaan was very lucky to have a very safe, beautiful and special school as his very first one. Will never forget the special attention he got, following his interests- from the car logo cards to the musical bells and dedicated music time. The fact that he never ever cried to go to school and that he cried on Saturday wanting to go to school says so much about how much he enjoyed his time there. You have named the school Lighthouse Montessori very aptly - it is indeed a very special beacon of light for young minds.
Dr. Nandini Hebbar Mother of Vivaan Hebbar(4 Years 2 Months)
My daughter was very happy and excited while exploring all the different Montessori tools. Every activity done was not only enjoyable for her but she also learnt new things. Compared to the traditional way of education, Montessori environment makes her more independent and she learns while playing. There is a lot more teacher-child interaction which is just right to let my daughter explore under safe and encouraging supervision.
Neha Bhaskar Mother of Khwaish
I am amazed by the progress of my daughter KIARA after spending just few days in the Lighthouse Montessori School. I couldn’t believe she could learn so much in these days. She now started doing her own work. She knows now when to use words ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’. I can see that she wants to become more independent and the time she spends in the school is helping her in achieving that. Probably that is why once Kiara enters the school, she doesn’t want to go home.
Trusha Sutaria Mother of Kiara
If you take your children to Monal at the Lighthouse, they will be amazingly well cared for and shown a gentle effective way of learning about life ❤️ and for life
Hayley Taylor Student @ MCI London

It was a great experience. The lessons were comprehensive and all the areas were covered promptly. The course was informative, knowledge gaining, interesting and valuable which will definitely help me to move forward in my career.

Special thanks to Monal Madam, who was dedicated, supportive and always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed, therefore helping me polishing my skills and sharpen my learning. She was cooperative and responsive to the queries, which made me learn more in this span of time.

I highly recommend this teaching institute "THE LIGHTHOUSE MONTESSORI SCHOOL" to everyone who is passionate and serious in completing this teaching journey.


Ms.Shubhra Trainee of Montessori Apparatus Practical Training

It was a super learning experience of all theories and practical in a world-class school infrastructure. All chapters were covered in depth and required time was allotted for understanding. Because of Ms. Monal's rich experience and teaching style was joyful and informative. It is not possible to get such an international level learning experience in Gujarat.

Kudos to Ms. Monal who herself is a " Lighthouse" for all aspirant and established Montessori teachers. She is having unmatchable knowledge, experience and zeal of teaching. Her mentorship has given biggest boost in my career.

I strongly recommend that you must visit and consult Ms. Monal before you decide your path, it will change your overview about Montessori Learning.

"THE LIGHTHOUSE MONTESSORI SCHOOL " to everyone who wants to make a difference in their teaching career.

Thank You.

Veena Alkesh Panchal Trainee of Montessori Apparatus Practical Training